Monday, March 18, 2013

That Wicked Web

Sometimes I feel like I'm in love.

My god-brother is supposed to be coming to visit today. We'll get high, talk video games & music, and probably nitpick at each other like we always have.
Well, the smoking together will be a first. But the nitpicking is what we're most common for.

We didn't always start out like that. When I was a small child, I had almost a god-like admiration for him that lasted up until I was around 7. I didn't understand the weight of his stoner ways, but he was sweet, soft-spoken, and he took my brothers and I trick-or-treating every year, which was never a bore.

Needless to say, he's fucking awesome.

And I'm frantic.

I don't know why the nitpicking started. Perhaps I was developing a crush early-on, or maybe it was a result of his tendency to be a condescending semi-self-righteous know it all.

Did I mention how likable he makes all of those things? Oh hell, and how sometimes it makes my heart flutter in what feels like it should be the most unromantic way possible. And alas, that's probably what draws me closer to him. Even as a kid I found myself feeling like he made me regret being a female. The inner conflict of what I feel for him and the nonsense that we say to each other has always made even a simpler part of my life feel a little bit like hell.

It's one of those things that even our moms joke about now when they see us going at. And I weep to myself at my inconceivable web of fantasy..."How horrifying cliche, and yet a tiny bit gratifying."

Sometimes, I get so fixated on a random person in my life to the point where I trick myself into thinking they're what I need. I think it's mostly my infatuation with the idea of it. Also, I'm a writer of multiple muses, so it's only natural that I don't often feel any real attachment to just one person. Or at least, that's how all the greats have lived out their lives.
Besides that, I don't usually feel like anyone's good enough because I'm so withdrawn & I was once so insecure. It was pitiful.

But honestly...I adore the feeling. The high I get when I've tricked myself yet again. And that is what fuels my desire to truly fall for someone. Like all humans, my lascivious ways can consume me at more times than others. And I think that it may be fueled by loneliness.

But that's for another day ;)

So basically I'm nearing the point where I think that I'm in love with my god-brother but I'm factually speaking probably not. And my sometimes affections for him are fueled by a confusing child and now, that minuscule desire in the back of my mind about wanting to fuck him senseless has manifested into something strange, a little beyond my control, and somewhere despite the inner feelings of lowness and own delight.

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